Our Founder

Our Founder : MR. SHER Hing-Shum

Leading the Way in Custom Molded Rubber Manufacturing:
Founder: Mr. Sher Hing Shum

MR. SHER Hing-Shum was an esteemed entrepreneur and industrialist in custom molded rubber products manufacturing who founded Hopeful Rubber Manufacturing Company Limited in 1988. The company has since become a top manufacturer of high-quality custom molded rubber products, recognized for its excellence in the industry.

Under Sher Hing-Shum’s leadership, the company has grown exponentially, expanding its operations to serve clients across various sectors, including automotive, electronics, medical, infant and industrial.

With over three decades of experience, Mr. SHER has demonstrated his visionary leadership and business acumen, driving the company’s success and growth. Through his commitment to quality and innovation, Hopeful Rubber has earned a strong reputation as a reliable supplier of rubber products, serving clients in Hong Kong, Asia, Europe, South and North America.

As an accomplished entrepreneur, Mr. SHER Hing-Shum was played a vital role in the company’s strategic direction and growth. His dedication to customer satisfaction and his ability to deliver high-quality molded rubber products have helped the company become a leading player in the molded rubber industry. Carrying on his business philosophy, Hopeful Rubber Manufacturing Company Limited is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory and maintain its status as a top producer of top-quality custom molded rubber products.

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